Parsha Bo

Parsha Bo בֹּא “Go”

Torah portion: Shemot/Exodus 10:1-13:16
Haphtarah (concluding portion): Jeremiah 36:14-28
Brit Chadasha (New Testament): Luke 22:7-30

Did you know: Bo is the 3rd parsha [portion] of sefer [scroll of/book of] Shemot?

Drama: This week’s parsha teaches us about the first Pesach. Act out a Pesach seder together. Restoring the Way Ministries provides a FREE Pesach seder haggadah for you to use.  This is good practice because Pesach is coming in the spring.

Art: This week’s parsha tells us about the final three plagues. We are going to focus on the plague of locusts for our art project. This week’s art project is wire sculpture. Sculpt locusts of varying sizes. See the lesson plan (divided by grade level) here.

Science: Look at images of locusts (and learn a little more about locusts) with National see this website.

History: Learn the exciting historical facts that prove the Exodus from Egypt occurred using modern day archaeology with Answers in Genesis.

Physical Education: Red Light Green Light! Since BO means GO, we are going to play a game of ‘Red Light – Green Light’. To play, one person is chosen to be the traffic cop. All players stand on the starting line and the traffic cop has his back to the rest of the players. When he says “green light,” players try to run to the finish line. When the traffic cop says “red light,” he turns around and players have to stop in their tracks. If the traffic cop catches a player moving, he sends them back to the starting line. First person to cross the finish line wins and becomes the new traffic cop.

Culinary Arts: This week we will be making matza. Matza is unleavened bread. You can learn the history of matza and how to make it here.

Bible and Hebrew Language: Click through the links below to find lots of resources from Restoring the Way Ministries to enhance your homeschool lessons.

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Coming Out of Egypt [by Melody Manwell]

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