Homeschooling Torah


Membership gives you access to your entire homeschooling curriculum.

(And it’s firmly based on Scripture!)

Since 2002, we have been developing curriculum specifically for homeschoolers.

  • Study the Bible chronologically, beginning with the Old Testament. A firm foundation for all other learning will be laid.
  • Teach your children how to study the Bible for themselves, reading, discussing, copying, and applying it.
  • Commit large sections of Scripture to memory, hiding it in your hearts so your family will not sin against God.
  • Use the Scripture to teach every subject — Bible, history, reading, science, grammar, math and more!
  • Enjoy a variety of activities for multiple ages, with creativity and excitement.

Using especially the Torah as your foundation, your family can read together, study together, and grow together… making life easier for Mom and simplifying your homeschooling day.

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What Membership Includes

 Our curriculum is packed! It’s truly all-inclusive and ready for the entire family to use. Similar curriculum on the market can cost as much as $800 per year (and of course, it’s not Torah-observant)!

Add up the value as you read through this page, and I think you’ll agree that $39/month is an incredible price.

In addition, it’s ready to go! Mom, you can just print it or even use it straight from the computer. We know you’re busy (cuz we are, too), and we’re hoping this takes a huge load off your plate.

Our prayer is that your family will be equipped to really use the Scriptures as your primary textbook in your home!


per month


per year

This is what offers with your membership. Our curriculum starts each day with reading and study together of the Scriptures. You can choose from several options, each designed to be done together as a whole family (for any age).

Bible Study-

  • Torah Portions
  • Nahk Portions
  • Apostolic Scripture Portions

Together School-

  • Hebrew 
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Geography
  • P.E.
  • Arts and Crafts

World History-

  • Ancient Times: Creation to Assyria
  • Daniel’s Statue: Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome
  • Seals and Trumpets: The Middle Ages

Language Arts-

  • Copywork
  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Oral Language
  • Typing


  • Together Math Drills
  • Daily Arithmetic Instruction and Review
  • Daily Advanced Math Instruction and Review
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  • When you become a member, you’ll get immediate access to our website so you can start using the first month of your curriculum.
  • All lesson plans and worksheets are available as PDF downloads that you can print, or you can simply view them on your computer, laptop, Kindle, tablet, or other device. We even offer technical help when you need it!
  • You’ll receive planning emails each month, which will include helpful ideas for implementing the curriculum and news and prayer requests from other members.
  • Plus, you’ll receive monthly teaching tips for upcoming biblical holidays, ideas for teaching from a Torah perspective, and Scriptural encouragement for your marriage and parenting. You’ll also have access to all our blog posts, including dozens of posts that only members can see.
  • Homeschool and household planning forms in Word® and Excel® formats, so you can customize everything for your own family.
  • Each month, new content is automatically added to your Member area, for as long you’re a member — and you can view it by the week, by the subject, or by the Torah portion you’re reading.
  • You’ll have full access to our training videos, audios, and webinars — so you can learn to teach difficult subjects with confidence.
  • You’ll have full access to amazing GIFTS from our partners — like ebooks on biblical feasts, history timelines, preschool curriculum, art classes from a biblical perspective, notebooking pages, and even advice for teaching high-school students!

“Just know that you are changing lives by your obedience to the Father. We live in a place where we have no other Hebraic believers so you’ll never know how much your ministry has meant to our family. I am able to take Biblical History and make it simple for my young teen children yet have soooo much depth in the study. More importantly, I am able to make their daily lessons relevant in their daily walk because of the guidance you have provided through your history curriculum. My prayer is that they will pass all they have learned down to the next generation. Shalom and many blessings.”

“Just a quick note about the Foundations of Grammar. One word, Love it! Okay, that was two, but then this is grammar not math! Thank you for the wonderful work you have done on the curriculum. We are wanting more daily of God and less of the World… I want what they learn to point them to our Heavenly Father. Then they will have no doubt whatsoever in any part of Scripture.”

“We love your Bible program and love that our son will continue to grow in studying God’s Word. We were using another program but it was not teaching a deep understanding of the Word and was too time consuming. We have only used yours for a month but everyone is happy with it. Now with the other two books we will have the Bible curriculum we need once returning to the field.”

“We started school this week, and had a GREAT week. Your curriculum was a part of that! I have been able to have some really concentrated Bible time with our 8-year-old daughter. She is  seeing the ‘themes’ of Scripture in the games we play. It has been a blessing to us both. And, she is seeing, biblically, that we are to obey. Not just cuz Daddy and Mama say so, but cuz God says so. (That has been a hard concept for her to grasp.) I also really like the activities that you have listed. They are just enough to dig a bit further, but not so much that either of us feel overwhelmed.”