MessiKids Reading Curriculum Vol 1 BUNDLE


Your child is sure to love this new reading, spelling, and handwriting program from Restoring the Way!

Join us for *Part 1: Short Vowels* in this FIVE VOLUME BUNDLE! We will explore phonics and the five short vowel sounds as we learn nearly 100 new reading words! This study also includes a review of nearly 40 sight words! This BUNDLE includes 185 pages of reading, spelling, and handwriting fun!

  • 1.1 YHWH is Glad 12 page reader and 25 page workbook (Creation)
  • 1.2 YHWH Can Rest 12 page reader and 25 page workbook (The Shabbat)
  • 1.3 Adam Will Sin 12 page reader and 25 page workbook (The Fall)
  • 1.4 Noah, Frog, and Hog 12 page reader and 25 page workbook (Noah’s Ark)
  • 1.5 The Bricks Dump 12 page reader and 25 page workbook (The Tower of Babel)

Each colorful reader is 12 pages long and includes a teacher’s page.

Each workbook is 25 pages long and includes:

  1. a weekly unit lesson plan for the teacher
  2. daily “say, spell cover, write” checklist
  3. 3 sight word practice pages
  4. daily handwriting practice sheets
  5. daily spelling practice sheets
  6. ABC order practice
  7. rhyming word worksheet
  8. phonemic awareness practice
  9. a weekly memory verse, and MORE!

*Pre-requisites for Volume 1: student must know consonant sounds, consonant digraphs TH, SH, CH, and WH, and short vowel sounds. It is helpful but not required that students know some or all of the sight words from the list below.

Short vowel words included in this FIVE VOLUME BUNDLE: glad, can, land, sand, and, grass, grand, an, ant, tan, rat, clams, black, cat, bat, man, that, rest, yes, let, bed, nest, hen, gets, den, went, chest, wet, best, tend, ten, pets, then, slept, tent, well, mess, his, rib, in, mist, big, is, hill, sin, did, bit, pit, lips, drip, chin, hid, still, dim, will, fit, skin, on, frog, not, bob, hog, sob, stop, flock, dog, got, drop, plop, top, rock, not, sod, lost, spot, hop, log, mud, bug, up, run, strut, tug, cut, lug, hum, hug, huff, puff, cuts, fun, shrug, much, struck, slump, thump, dump

Sight words included in this FIVE VOLUME BUNDLE: YHWH, is, oh, look, see, something, you, it, I, a, who, he, his, to,
have, with, for, no, Adam, the, said, do, be, was, she, food, they, put, Noah, come, does,
want, down, we, go, of, one, they, their, done, has, too, sons, put

Other volumes:
Volume 2: Silent E
Volume 3: R-controlled vowels
Volume 4: Y is a vowel, too
Volume 5: Vowel sounds with AI and AY
Volume 6: Vowel sounds with EE and EA
Volume 7: Vowel sounds with OI and OY
Volume 8: Vowel sounds with OU and OW
Volume 9: Other vowel sounds part 1
Volume 10: Review