Parsha Ki Tisa

gold-dustParsha Ki Tisa כִּי תִשָּׂא “When you lift up”

Torah portion: Shemot/Exodus 30:11-34:35
Haphtarah (concluding portion): 1 Kings 18:1-39
Brit Chadasha (New Testament): 2 Corinthians 3:1-18

Did you know: Ki Tisa is the 9th parsha [portion] of sefer [scroll of/book of] Shemot?

Art: In Exodus/Shemot 31:1-5, we read about Oholiab and Bezalel. They were filled with the Ruach Elohim (Spirit of God) and were able to make lots of neat things! This week, the sky’s the limit for art projects but in my family, we are going to focus on wood burning. We picked up a wood burning tool at JoAnn Fabrics for $12.99 (and it was even cheaper after our 40% off coupon). At a local dollar store they sell plain, unfinished wall plaques so each of my children will receive one. Next, they will lightly sketch out a scripture verse in English (or Hebrew) on the plaque and use the wood burning tool to carefully burn the phrase into the wood. We’ll finish ours off with some dark wood stain before displaying them over doorways throughout the house.

Quick Science: What is bronze? It is a copper alloy. An alloy is a metal made up of a combination of metals. Bronze is copper with up to 1/3 tin mixed in. Why was the basin made of bronze? (Exodus/Shemot 30:17-21) And why were the priests commanded to wash their hands and feet in it? You may be surprised to know that bronze has naturally antibacterial and antibiotic properties! The priests were working with blood, disease, and dead animals quite a bit. How awesome is יְהֹוָה to, in all His merciful wisdom, command us in such a thoughtful and loving way? Read more here

Health Minute: After the golden calf incident, יְהֹוָה commanded the people to grind it and drink it. This seems to almost represent the very first “prescription” given. Colloidal gold (a colloid is a suspension of fine particles in a fluid substance) is prescribed today to treat symptoms such as pain, anxiety, impatience, and depression. Research the uses of gold dust, colloidal gold, and similar preparations. Give a presentation based on your findings. Make sure you reference at least two reliable sources as well as making reference to the scriptures. (Exodus/Shemot 32:19-20) Read more here.

Fun Craft: Since Moses’ face was shining this week (Exodus/Shemot 29:30-33), we have decided to make sparkly candles. They will remind us of the shine and sparkle of יְהֹוָה’s word and of Moses’ face. We will surely be using them as our Shabbat candles this week. Here’s the tutorial.

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