Parsha Beshalach

Parsha Beshalach בְּשַׁלַּח “When he sent”

Torah portion: Shemot/Exodus 13:17-17:16
Haphtarah (concluding portion): Judges 4:4-5:31
Brit Chadasha (New Testament): Revelation 19:1-20:6

Did you know: Beshalach is the 4th parsha [portion] of sefer [scroll of/book of] Shemot?

Culinary Arts: Want to make homemade “manna” bread? Here is a recipe that starts with sprouting and ends up with a healthy loaf of bread baked from an ancient recipe.

History Bite: Want to see some pics of the chariot wheels that were found at the bottom of the Red Sea? Here is some archaeological evidence that proves what our parsha says this week is true.

Quick Science: Read this short science article for kids about the Marah tree and the bitter waters. Want to know how YHVH changes the bitter waters sweet? CLICK HERE.

Music & Dance: This week, we will learn (or review if we already know) the Horse and Rider song which is written based on the “song of Moses” in this week’s parsha (Exodus/Shemot 15:1-21). This song is traditionally sung as part of the Pesach (Passover) Seder (order). You will find the lyrics in your Pesach Haggadah (Passover Telling). If you need a Pesach Haggadah that is written for Messianic Families, you can download one FREE from Restoring the Way by clicking HERE. If you are a guitar player, you can learn how to play this song using this YouTube tutorial. If you want to learn to DAVIDIC DANCE to this song, follow this YouTube link. If you would like to hear a modern re-make of this song, this one is a nice contemporary Christian worship tune on YouTube.

Recommended Reading: COMING OUT OF EGYPT: A first Passover story for Children, retold from the perspective of one of the first gentile converts to the Mosaic covenant- an Egyptian boy. Ready for a different kind of Passover story? Great for most people of faith, join an Egyptian boy as the plagues begin to decimate his land and his family’s livelihood. He discovers first hand the mighty power of the God of the Hebrews which radically changes the way he perceives his own religion and learns to see them as more than just slaves. A story about prejudice, friendship, faith and freedom. Written by Messianic children’s author Melody Manwell. 63 pages. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE.

Bible and Hebrew Language: Click through the links below to find lots of resources from Restoring the Way Ministries to enhance your homeschool lessons.

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