Parsha Terumah

Parsha Terumah תְּרוּמָה “Offering”

Torah portion: Shemot/Exodus 25:1-27:19
Haphtarah (concluding portion): 1 Kings 5:26-6:13
Brit Chadasha (New Testament): 2 Corinthians 9:1-15

Did you know: Terumah is the 7th parsha [portion] of sefer [scroll of/book of] Shemot?

Citizenship: This week, YHVH asks for those “whose heart moves him” [Shemot/Exodus 25:2] to make a contribution. This is known as “tzedakah” or charity. It is a fundamental part of our beliefs because YHVH wants us to give and help as often as we can. Many Jewish homes have a “tzedakah box” where money is collected and given to those in need. HERE is a pattern to make your own recycled tzedakah box. It is made from items you probably have laying around the house. Decide as a family where you would like to send your collected funds one your tzedakah box is full. Here is the word TZEDAKAH in Hebrew: צדקה

Fun Craft:  This week the obvious choice for a craft is to create a 3D model of the Tabernacle. There is a printable PDF version HERE. The directions include a statement that says it only takes about an hour to assemble. You may also want to watch a one minute video on YouTube that shows you an animated walk-through of the Tabernacle HERE.


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