Parsha Vayera

Parsha Vayera וירא “And He Appeared”

  • Torah portion: B’reisheet/Genesis 18:1-22:24
  • Haphtarah: 2 Kings 4:1-27
  • Brit Chadasha: Luke 1:26-38; Luke 24:36-53

Did you know: Vayera is the 4th parsha [portion] of sefer [scroll of/book of] B’reisheet [Genesis]?

Bible: This week we will continue our Torah study by completing this week’s Messianic Weekly Series of parsha studies. The preschoolers will complete Parsha for Preschool for this week’s parsha. You can find these affordable and wonderful resources in our storefront. We will also continue working through our parsha lapbook MessiShul program with the older elementary kids and junior high school students. This fulfills a portion of our Hebrew language study as well. We have a student preparing for a Bat Mitzvah in our homeschool so she will continue learning through her Bar/Bat Mitzvah workbook as well.

Teen Time: Have you checked out Liv’s Teen Devos lately? We will listen to Pastor Joel of Messianic Family Fellowship teach on this week’s parsha via his free Messianic podcasts.

Math: Just in time for reviewing our basic math facts, Restoring the Way has a NEW math drill sheet workbook collection. Noach’s Math will help us review addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication facts, and division facts. These drill sheets are an invaluable tool for increasing speed and accuracy in math calculations. You can find these Noach’s Math in our storefront.

Reading/Phonics: We will be using MessiKids Reading for the younger elementary students to continue our reading practice and Super MessiKids Preschool Adventure program for the preschool students to continue our studies in reading, phonics, spelling, and handwriting.

Hebrew: To polish up our Hebrew skills, we will continue using the Hebrew readers and handwriting sheets available from Restoring the Way.

History/Geography: We will study the historical account about Lot’s wife turning into a pillar (or memorial) of salt. We will use this website as the starting point of our study.

Science/Technology: We can incorporate a bit of science into the history/geography portion of our weekly study as we examine the saltiness of the waters of the Dead Sea surrounding the area of (the suspected location of) Sodom and Gomorrah. We will discuss evaporation and salt deposits using the experiment described here.

Art: This week we will paint with watercolor and salt. The end result is a very cool picture. This website has the best tutorial.

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Julie Allen