MessiShul: Lapbook Curriculum Exodus (Sefer Shemot)


This Sefer Shemot (book of Exodus) Lapbook Curriculum contains everything you need to study each of the parshiot (Torah portions) in sefer Shemot as a family in a fun and creative way. This curriculum is ideal for elementary and early middle school age groups. Advanced preschoolers can also get in on the fun with extra guidance and help. The “masters/templates” are at the end of the book. They will be used each week to form the file folder lapbooks. The lessons,etc are all included. 😀 All you’ll need is a Bible, scissors, glue sticks, paper/printer, one file folder per child per parsha and crayons, etc. Restoring the Way Ministries has created this lapbook curriculum for use in homeschools, after school programs, and ministry functions. Make sure you devote ample time to pray for guidance and review the lesson material thoroughly before you set out to teaching your student(s). Included are writing assignments, Hebrew language study, Messianic connections, copy work, Bible history, and LOTS MORE! This is a digital download.