The Fear of the Lord

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 1:7

How To Fear God

The way I honor husband, my parents, my boss at work, the same way I treat the police, the government, the military; anyone who is in authority over me is the way I reverence the Lord and even more than what is listed. We should honor God above all of these things, but we are to treat anyone who is in authority with respect and have a healthy fear of them. I love my husband, and I want to do things for him and serve him the best way that I can in everything I do, in the same manner I do for my King. I love my parents, but growing up I would reverence them and fear what they could do to me if I broke the rules. When they walked in the room I wasn’t hiding in the corner afraid, I just feared them in a way that was respectful. I wouldn’t break the rules because there was consequences, but when I got punished my parents still loved me, just like when we do wrong things, God still loves us if we show Him we are truly sorry. I fear my boss and I love my boss. If I go against my boss and show no respect and a bad attitude then I can risk getting fired and losing my job. So I respect and fear my boss. This is how we love and respect God. He is our daddy, our boss, our husband, our friend, our authority. We must reverence Him!

Why Fear God?

Why fear God? Because He is the almighty King! The Lord over all the earth, the breath in my lungs, the song on my lips, the fire in my veins… He is God of all and because He created me, I worship and honor Him. There is no other god before Him, He is the only living God, amen? He isn’t a big teddy bear in the sky either, He is a Father with rules and expectations that we must follow. He doesn’t desire lawless children, but ones who obey His rules and love correction. The Bible says that fools despise correction but one who is wise fears God. We should thank God every time we get corrected.because that means He loves us! A dad who doesn’t care about his child will let the child run wild, break the rules, and eat whatever it wants. But a good dad who loves his child will treat his child the best way he can and correct it when it is wrong, and feed it right. That is our God. He has rules for us, we must obey. Review Leviticus 11, and also chapter 23 to learn Gods rules. (Also the 10 commandments apply).

Loving Him

Because He loves us, we love Him with respect. We also show we love Him by loving others. We should be living examples of who Yeshua (Jesus) was and is. He was humble, kind, and a true servant and He loves the broken. We should be reaching out to others that are in need and sharing the truth with them. By showing that we respect authority, eat healthy, and live positively we are showing the world where we are getting this from…. People will come up to you and ask, “Why are you so happy all the time?” and you can tell them that the joy of the Lord is your strength. He is with you and you will not fall. Be confident in who you are in Him. You are a child of the living God and fear shall no longer live in you. Fear is from the enemy, not of God. DO NOT FEAR! Only, honor and respect Him and peace shall be with you because you have God on your side. I am no longer a slave to fear but I am a child of God… Let those words play over and over in your mind until the fear leaves you. Fear has no power over you…. He is greater than that and He dwells in you so you are greater than that too! You can overcome anything with God on your side. Trust Him today. If you want to gain more wisdom and fear the Lord more, read your Bible daily, especially Proverbs… It is full of wisdom. Pray to God everyday and strengthen your relationship with Him and He will build confidence inside of you. Be blessed.



Olivia Mancini